TAYTONN Purchase Terms and Conditions

These purchase terms and conditions (“Terms”) are applicable to any sale by the Seller (“Seller”) to TAYTONN.

1. Acknowledge of Purchase Order
Any order of goods must be confirmed by Seller within 2 working days from date of issue, with confirmation on price, quantity and best ETD and ETA advice.

2. Shelf-life
All products should have a shelf-life of at least 75% remaining upon arrival to Singapore. Should the shelf-life falls below that, Seller need to inform TAYTONN prior to the shipment.

3. Quality
All goods must comply with the specifications or pre-shipment sample on receipt/arrival at TAYTONN’s Singapore warehouse. TAYTONN do not test the content of the goods. TAYTONN are entitled to reject the goods any time thereafter if the quality is deemed non-conforming upon delivery to TAYTONN’s customer.

4. Destination Changes
For CIF Singapore shipments, TAYTONN will only accept the following upper limits of local handling cost in Singapore:

I) LCL Shipment
LCL Charges: SGD 25.25 w/m or SGD 28-32 w/m (China Only)
PSA Wharfage: SGD 1.75 w/m
THC: SGD 10.00 w/m
D/O Fee: SGD 60.00 – 70.00 per set
Agency Fee: SGD 45.00 – 60.00 per set

Warehouse Surcharges: SGD 20.00 per w/m
Forklift: SGD 70.00 – 75.00 /blk of 4cbm
DN Processing Fee: SGD 40.00 per D/O
Cargo Processing Fee (Tracking): SGD 15.00/set

II) FCL Shipment
(Non-Reefer Container)
Destination THC: SGD 182.00 – 190.00 per container
Documents & Handling (If Required): SGD 70.00 – 80.00 per set

(Reefer Container)
Destination THC: SGD 237.00 – 247.00 per container
Documents & Handling (If Required): SGD 70.00 – 80.00 per set

5. Document Requirement
COAs – Must come with Seller company letterhead, batch number, manufactured and expiry dates. Invoices – Accurate invoice value and HS Codes must be stated.
For first time order, please forward a copy of the Safety Data Sheet /MSDS (GHS Compliant)

6. Shipping Documents
All Shipping documents (BL, Invoice, Packing List and COA) must reach TAYTONN at least 2 days prior to shipment arrival in Singapore port. Should the customs clearance be delayed and demurrage charges be incurred due to incomplete or inaccurate documents, TAYTONN reserve the right to seek corresponding compensation from Seller. All email correspondence on shipping arrangements must be copied to: logistics@taytonnascc.com

Please fax/ courier shipping documents to:

Taytonn ASCC Pte Ltd
18 Boon Lay Way, #07-140 Tradehub 21, Singapore 609966
Tel: +65-6861-8113 Fax: +65-6861-8115

7. Insurance Coverage
CIF terms – insurance should cover from seller’s warehouse to TAYTONN’s warehouse (110% of the total invoice value)
FOB terms – insurance should cover from seller’s warehouse to on board vessel (as defined by the Incoterm standards)
For Consignment Stocks, Fire insurance coverage for storage in Singapore should be covered by Seller.

8. Shipment Delay

Please keep TAYTONN informed of any delay in incoming shipment. Failing to do so will make Seller liable for any extra cost incurred.

9. Packaging/Drums Condition
All goods must be free from rust and dent during receipt. If the incoming packaging is damaged, TAYTONN shall report this to Seller and may seek reimbursement on any related charges like re-packing, disposal, testing accordingly.

10. Drum Labels
All drum labels must be GHS compliant. All details like Product Name, Batch Number, Manufacturing Date, Gross Weight, Tare Weight and Nett Weight must be clearly indicated on the drum labels. Any other special information requested by TAYTONN must be complied accordingly.

11. Palletization
All goods must be palletized and shrink wrap appropriately.

12. FCLS (Full Container Load)/Refrigerated Containers
Please ensure that the incoming shipments are in 20ft containers and in good condition (internal – clean floor board/ walls; external – no dents on container walls). Please take a digital photo prior to stuffing the drums in, and if needed, TAYTONN would require the pictures as reference in any dispute.
Any additional cost borne by TAYTONN for 40ft container (unless agreed prior) will be billed back to Seller.

13. Payment Terms
Payment will be by direct bank transfer from TAYTONN to Seller’s bank account for all Open Account Basis within the month of payment due.

14. Entire Agreement, Binding Effects
TAYTONN Purchase Orders, this Purchase Terms & Conditions, and any other document issued or agreed in writing, together constitute the entire agreement between TAYTONN and Seller.

Buyer has the responsibility to verify the hazards and to conduct any further research necessary to learn the hazards involved in using Products purchased from TAYTONN. Buyer also has the duty to warn Buyer’s customers and any auxiliary personnel (such as freight handlers, etc.) of any risks involved in using or handling the Products. Buyer agrees to comply with instructions, if any, furnished by TAYTONN relating to the use of the Products and not to misuse the Products in any manner. If the Products purchased from TAYTONN are to be repackaged, relabelled or used as starting materials or components of other products, Buyer will verify the suitability of the Products for their intended use or purposes. Buyer shall notify TAYTONN immediately upon Buyer’s becoming aware of any accident or other incident involving TAYTONN’s Products resulting in personal injury or damage to property, and Buyer shall fully cooperate with TAYTONN in the investigation and determination of the cause of such incident and shall make available to TAYTONN all statements, reports, and tests made by Buyer or made available to Buyer by others. The furnishing of such information to TAYTONN and any investigation by TAYTONN shall not constitute an assumption of any liability by TAYTONN.

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