Flavour & Fragrance Ingredients

Our nose connects us to the world and it’s surroundings. It fills us with vital information that far surpasses sight and sound. It evokes emotions and feelings tied to all of us at a very personal level.

It has been a well proven fact that newborn babies are able to identify their mothers via scent alone. During their first week of their lives, with underdeveloped vision, the new born connects with his mother using only their sense of smell.

Growing up as a child, and waking up to the smell of mom making freshly made pancakes, transports us back to our childhood. The smell of freshly cut grass after a spring time drizzle. The list goes on. Smells affect our moods good or bad.

“Flavour is, counter intuitively, less than 10% taste and more than 90% smell.”

We cannot describe our sense of smell without invoking our sense of taste. They are inextricably intertwined after all. The first sip of your morning coffee best describes how smell and flavors work together so seamlessly.

Taytonn understands the world of Flavours and also Fragrance. We supply the very largest of MNC’s to the specialist artisan’s producing a wide variety of consumer products. We also supply to bespoke perfumers or even flavorists working on recreating the regional palate.

Taytonn will cater to your specific needs for all Flavour and Fragrance products. We provide a wide range of aroma chemicals, essential oils, natural extracts and isolates. We carry the following group of Flavour and Fragrance ingredients:

  • Alcohols
  • Aldehydes
  • Ketones
  • Esters
  • Lactones
  • Pyrazines
  • Thiols
  • Essential Oils
  • Hydrosols
  • Natural Extracts & Isolates

Please visit our product portal page for a detailed list of our products.


Our comprehensive range of quality flavour and fragrance ingredients make us a market leader for the last 2 decades.

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